The Kappabashi Knife Gallery, managed by a long-serving staff member of Tsubaya, is a specialized knife gallery like no other. 

The space, lovingly crafted by the owner who adores knives, stands unparalleled in beauty compared to other knife shops. It boasts a range of unique products unavailable elsewhere. Most items on offer are personally designed and handcrafted by the owner, a stark contrast to mass-produced knives merely branded with a logo, as seen in many other stores.

Created with a strong dedication and after at least a year of meticulous trial and error, these knives are truly exceptional. Although challenging to find, being tucked away on the second floor, it’s a must-visit for those seeking a tranquil space for thoughtful knife selection, or for those who desire exclusive, albeit pricier, purchases. This hidden gem, the only second-floor gallery in Kappabashi, is sure to enchant you with its beauty upon your visit.

Customization Service

No other knife store in Kappabashi offers customization services, so we believe this is the most appropriate place for those who want to purchase unique knives and handles.

You choose your favorite handle and we do the installation and final sharpening.

We will be designing new handles little by little in the future, so please look forward to them. Also planning to gradually add more color variations of sheaths to match our knives.

You will surely find your favorite one here.


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